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Want to crack the code to drop burn out FOREVER? Does EASE & balance seem like a pipe dream? Let me show you a path to success that drops the struggle for good. 


We believe when you FEEL good, you do good! 







 I am honored to share some of the foundational principals & tools that have changed my life, health & wealth. I have now helped thousands of beauty pros do the same. 


I will give you tools that you can start implementing at home & at the salon right away! It's your cheat code from the universe.



The beauty industry is one of the wealthiest industries & hairstylists are one of the most trusted professions. Clients even refer to their stylists as their "free therapist". We take care of so many but who takes care of us?

We work in an industry that is riddled with burnout and is stereotypically known for drinking too much coffee, skipping meals, overworking, being boundary-less and underpaid. This is an old narrative, that we are putting to rest. 

We need a WELLNESS revolution in our industry. And I am leading that movement once and for ALL!


Beauty pros are lacking energetic, emotional and mental health tools for success. Beauty pros are in contact with clients all day long and not taught how to manage their own emotional, mental and energetic health. Therapist, life coaches and trauma informed coaches like myself are trained in how to do this, but hairstylists have NO TOOLS with which to protect themselves. 


This FREE training will help you understand how to regulate your nervous system and how your client relationships and salon environment is affecting your emotional, mental and physical health. And how to take control of that & become somatically sovereign. 


Somatic= your body 

Sovereign= being in your power


Stop getting hijacked by back to back clients & learn tools to take control of your wellbeing. Your wellbeing is your wealth and this will allow you to create SUSTAINABLE salon success. And that is sacred! 


It is possible to have a LONG, healthy and wealthy career as a beauty pro, you just need the proper tools. 

Join me for a FREE mega transformative MASTER CLASSS & RITUAL GUIDE

A FREE wealthy wellbeing activation for beauty professionals who are ready to heal their relationship with hustle and unlock EASE. 

We believe in assisting beauty pros in building businesses that feel good for your mind, body and soul & wallet.

You’re minutes away from accessing the TOOLS that changed my life, nervous system & wealth. 


‚úī¬†Learn how working with clients daily impacts your nervous system & how to navigate being of service to your clients & yourself

*Learn the foundation of communication tools that help protect you energetically, emotionally & mentally in consultations & clients conversation 

‚úīGet my EMBODIMENT tool guide that has some of my favorite rituals & nervous system tools¬†

‚úī¬†Unlock one of my FREE guided breath work¬†sessions & protection meditations¬†

Led by industry-renowned business, life & wellness coach Elizabeth Faye


A mentor and voice for the beauty & wellness industry. She believes that Hairstylists Change The World and what you do is so much more than hair. She believes in equipping beauty pros with tools for sustainable success for mind, body, soul & wallet.

Not every coach has...¬†facilitated thousands of full-blown SOUL and career transformations via her world-class retreat experiences (proclaimed #1 industry leaders in hair education) ‚ÄĒ as well as her business coaching mastermind programs, Sacred Stylist and High Power Academy.

‚úī Is An industry thought leader & viral TedX Speaker "Hairstylists Change the World" & 2x finalist¬†NAHA Educator of the Year

‚úī Has taught THOUSANDS of stylists in over 200 workshops, hosted¬†dozens of retreats serving thousands of clients, has personally coached tens of thousands of stylist in her programs & worked along side most of the industries biggest brands¬†¬†

‚úī Has been recognized by online magazines and print magazines such as Behind the Chair, Allure, Modern Salon, American Salon, Modern Salon, Colorist Mag, Hair's Hot Now ‚ÄĒ and has been prominently featured on dozens of blogs

‚úī Is a former workaholic who healed via her own emotional and spiritual journey and supports her clients in tackling their BIG dreams, gracefully with ease ‚ÄĒ toxic hustle culture not required

‚úī¬†Knows what it means to juggle business, motherhood, a family, health and a happy personal life ‚ÄĒ which is why she‚Äôs hella gung-ho about giving YOU the tools to enjoy financial peace of mind so you can have more peace with your bank account, biz and at home.¬†¬†





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